There was a time when our ancestors knew how to harmonize with everything created, follow their own nature, feel the power of relationships, know the philosophy of life. Men were warriors, hunters, fishermen and sailors. They were gentle and strong, supporting and defending their women. While a man spent time on quests, a woman was his source of peace and happiness; she embodied love, kindness, beauty, tenderness and grace. Her desires and prayers, in symbiose with the endeavours of a man improved the world. There are many examples of similar themes in the mythology of different cultures.

HELEN-OCEAN is co-inspired by the poem “The Odyssey”, where Homer mentioned Penelope’s hand-knitting. Despite the gossip about the death of her husband, Penelope, the wife of Odysseus, was faithful to her husband for 20 years. Each day Penelope would be knitting, but at night she would secretly unravel her work. She said: «Then day after day I wove the great web, but at night, by torchlight, I unmade it». It is assumed that Penelope was supposed to be knitting, and not weaving the cloth, since she unravelled it without breaking the thread.
Penelope and Odysseus are heroes of the epoch when the great sea travels started, boats put out to sea, and people lost touch with their families.

Since ancient times it was believed that through her love and faithfulness the wife is able to protect her husband from dangers during his long trip and on the battlefield. Her female force guarded him as impenetrable armour. Such men came back home safely from any battles, even if hundreds of arrows flew aimed at them the day, the danger would not come near to them. A woman really has the ability to lift a man up to great heights.

We subconsciously realize it here and now. This is how the main idea of HELEN-OCEAN evolved:

We believe that a garment hand-knitted with loving energy can provide physical warmth to a man and become a mascot in an ocean travel.

Эмблема helen-ocean
From a simple knot to sweaters thread of history have been stretched and transformed into a s HELEN-OCEAN sea pattern. Evidence of this is the emblem, which is reflecting the global ocean and, traveling along its route, the HELEN boat. Cardinal symbolizes circumnavigation. The origins of the birth of this images come from children’s dream to repeat circumnavigation of the great sailors. There are a lot of wonderful people on the way who sail in the ocean, implement creative ideas and embody the dreams into amazing works.

All of this can be seen through the porthole of HELEN-OCEAN emblem, which has became a registered trademark.

Thanks to everyone who are with HELEN-OCEAN!

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