Spring news!
The gist of natural lavender flowers will add
to woolmade HELEN-OCEAN items pleasant
natural aroma and will keep them from moths.

Носки HELEN-OCEAN с подошвой это практичный, удобный и теплый подарок для настоящих моряков.

HELEN-OCEAN socks with a sole
is a practical, comfortable and warm gift
for a real sailors.

Подарочный сертификат на индивидуальный заказ эксклюзивного свитера Helen-Ocean стоимостью 25 000 руб.

OFFER When ordering a HELEN-OCEAN sweater
we offer a female headdress as a gift. The amount
of gifts from the nautical collection are limited!


EXCLUSIVE OFFER for New Year’s holidays!
A new collections of men’s sweaters as an
original gift!



For more information about gift certificates you can contact us by phone: +7 916 950-23-53