Exclusive handmade sweaters for sailors and men who dream of the ocean.


In the old days sweaters were knitted from raw sheep wool. This wool repelled water and kept warmth better. So only natural wool is used for knitting HELEN-OCEAN sweaters! Light. Warm. Waterproof. 100% Icelandic wool.

HELEN-OCEAN sweaters maintain the centuries-old tradition of weaving and knitting various knots! A knot is a gap between completion and infinity, a moment when everything in life is full of a secret meaning of unity. Weave and knots, made by gentle female hands, strengthen and maintain the best wishes and blessings.

HELEN-OCEAN unique products, made with love, will protect you from unfavourable external conditions, bring you joy and delight others. HELEN-OCEAN sweater in an exclusive package is an exclusive gift for yourself and for your friends!

Exclusive hand-knitted sweaters Helen-Ocean
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