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There was a time when our ancestors knew how to harmonize with everything created, follow their own nature, feel the power of relationships, know the philosophy of life. Men were warriors, hunters, fishermen and sailors. They were gentle and strong, they were defenders of women and their support. And while a man spent time on quests, a woman was a source of peace and happiness; she kept love, kindness, beauty, and mercy. Her desires and prayers and labours of a man improved the world. There are many examples of similar themes in the mythology of different cultures.
One of the inspirations of HELEN-OCEAN is the poem The Odyssey, where Homer mentioned about Penelope’s knitting. Despite the gossip about the death of her husband, Penelope, the wife of Odysseus, was faithful to her husband for 20 years. The Trojan War lasted ten years, and it took Odysseus another ten years to get home to Ithaca. During that time, Penelope received the attentions of many suitors. For a while, she put them off by saying that she would consider marriage only after she finished weaving a shroud for her father-in-law, Laertes, who was grieving over Odysseus ‘s absence. Each day Penelope would sit weaving the cloth, but at night she would secretly unravel her work. She said: «Then day after day I wove the great web, but at night, by torchlight, I unmade it».
Penelope andOdysseus are heroes of the epoch when the great sea travels started, boats put out to sea, and people lost touch with their families.

From the earliest times it is believed that the wife by her faithfulness to her husband is able to save him during his long trip and on the battle-field. Her female force guarded him as impenetrable armour. Such men came back home safely from any battles, even if hundreds of arrows flew in the day, the danger would not come near to them. A woman really has the ability to raise a man to unattainable altitude.
We instinctively realize it here and now! So the main idea of HELEN-OCEAN appeared:
We knit with love.
We believe that the hand-made gift can provide physical warmth to a man and be your mascot in an ocean travel.

The quality of yarn is inextricably linked with the location of Iceland. The climate on the island is rough and unique. The northern part of it is washed by severe and cold waters of the Arctic Ocean and the southern part is washed by the warm Gulf Stream. Strong winds, humidity, and, what is the most important, the large amplitude of temperature fluctuations are on the island, as the nature especially created these specific climate and environmental conditions to give the goodness to the wool of Icelandic sheep.

The sheep were brought to Iceland by the Vikings more than 1000 years ago, since then and to our times the sheep are in isolation there. Icelandic sheep have survived in the harsh climate with rains and high winds and because of that their wool obtained interesting and invaluable quality. The layer of the natural lanolin in the rough outer fibers keeps internal soft fluff of a sheep from getting wet: water just flows down.

In the process of manufacturing of yarn LOPI not only soft (internal) fibers are used, but also external which are tougher, so the yarn is a bit scratchy, but it becomes stronger, and related items from this wool are not only warm, but almost never get wet.

In the days of old sweaters knitted from raw sheep wool. This wool repels water and kept warm better. So for knitting HELEN-OCEAN sweaters we use only natural wool! Light. Warm. Waterproof. 100% Icelandic wool.

The thread of history has stretched from an overhand knot to a sweater.

Weaving has ancient roots, it appeared when a man needed to connect two ends of a thread, and he tied the first knot. The first states emerged along great rivers, water is life and it is easier to move along a river. And how can we do without a sail? We need knots in order to make tackles, fasten a mast and raise a sail. Sailors’ lives often depended from a good knot which you can quickly tie and untie to change a tack, lift and remove a sail.

Men, who went fishing to the sea, wove nets using very primitive tools. They drew attention to the fact that some tackles, which are made of special woven knots, strong enough and serve their masters longer. All these inspired sailors try to weave from ropes something like clothing. It was a success, and they improved their skills of weaving. Soon they invented knitting needles and crochet hooks, which became irreplaceable for knitting. A little later, thanks to smart men, women have got the opportunity to show them their care and love.

Sweaters became very popular thanks to seamen and their wives who knitted warm clothes with big collars in order not to wear a scarf. By the way, nowadays with scientific and technical progress when most of the clothes are manufactured by machines, one of the advantages of HELEN-OCEAN sweaters is that when a woman works, she is in peace and her positive energy goes to the item she knits and it keeps warm of her soul and heart.

HELEN-OCEAN sweaters keep centuries-old traditions of weaving and knitting of various knots! A knot is a gap between the completion and the infinite, the moment when everything in life is full of secret meaning of togetherness. Weave and knots, made by gentle female hands, strengthen and maintain the best wishes and blessings.

HELEN-OCEAN also provides exclusive packaging for sweaters.

In the Navy sailors from different countries kept their belongings in different ways: in bags, lockers and «suitcases». So following the tradition, we are going to keep sweaters in a bag made of natural linen fabric with a strap.
Sailors are superstitious! Previously they wore woven amulets, mascots and lucky charms with knots, where each knot had its own meaning.

The strap can be made of sailor’s knots if you wish.
HELEN-OCEAN unique products, made with love, will protect you from stressed conditions, bring you joy and delight others. HELEN-OCEAN sweater in an exclusive package is an exclusive gift for yourself and for your friends!

Welcome to HELEN-OCEAN gallery!

HELEN-OCEAN artistic craftworks are knittings in nautical style, based on centuries-old traditions of needlework! Our sweaters have earned approval and recognition of the legendary sailors, members of polar expeditions, professional travelers and just good people.

There is a collection of sweaters and accessories in the gallery. Here you can select your model or design a new one together with HELEN-OCEAN masters. We suggest you live out a dream of your sea travel and romantic adventure in your unique sweater!

HELEN-OCEAN sweater is warmth and care! It is a great gift to yourself and others!
A sweater is one of the most popular types of clothing; go well with different styles at any time and for any reason. Typical for marine theme patterns, weaving, various decorations will ornament the item and highlight your personality!